2.2 Introduction to the Neurophysiology of the Subluxation

What is this class? This course covers the latest basic science research evidence that has been done over the past two decades that has looked at what a vertebral subluxation is. It also looks at what evidence we have for one of the old theories about the chiropractic subluxation (the squashed nerve theory). It also … Read more

Motor Control Neuroplastic effects of Chiropractic Care

What is this course? This course covers the known motor control neuroplastic effects of chiropractic care.  It reviews studies that use neurophysiological techniques to investigate how chiropractic care affects the central nervous system and how this may impact strength and fatigue. New research suggests that chiropractic care may be beneficial to brain injury patients. Learning … Read more

Why does the Spine Dysfunction?

What is this course? This course covers what a chiropractic subluxation is according to the latest basic science research evidence. We will also explain the consequences of spinal injury and how this affects the brain and spinal function.

Sensory Neuroplastic Changes and Joint Cavitation

What is this course? This course covers the known sensory neuroplastic effects of chiropractic care and the techniques used to measure this in the research. We will also review the literature relevant to joint cavitation.