Latest Courses

Basic Science Level 1

How Chiropractic Care can Change the Brain Part 1

5 Lessons - 60 minutes

What is evidence based chiropractic practice? Understanding the various research methodologies and the bio-neuro-plasticity model

How Chiropractic Care can Change the Brain Part 2

6 Lessons - 50 minutes

How emotional stress affects your brain and can cause subluxations. The neurophysiologcial effects of adjusting subluxations. 

Basic Science Level 2

Introduction to the Neurophysiology of the Subluxation

5 Lessons - 57 minutes

The latest basic science research that has been done over the last twenty years that has looked at what a vertebral subluxation is. 

The Brain, Pain & Neuroplastic Effects of Chiropractic Care

27 Lessons - 4 hours 17m

In this course, we review the latest scientific understanding about pain, and how the feeling of pain is always created in the brain.

Stress and the Prefrontal Cortex

4 Lessons - 60 minutes

How stress and traumatic experiences negatively impact our brain function and our health by causing most of the common chronic diseases of today. 

Sensory Neuroplastic Changes & Joint Cavitation

5 lessons - 53 minutes

The somatosensory neuroplastic effects of chiropractic care and what the latest research studies say about joint cavitation.

CNS, Chiropractic & the Immune System​

9 Lessons - 1 hour 35 minutes

This course covers what is known regarding interactions between the central nervous system and the immune system. 

Motor Control Neuroplastic Effects of Chiropractic Care​

4 Lessons - 1 hour 7 minutes

We review studies that use neurophysiological techniques to investigate how chiropractic care affects the central nervous system. 

Why does the Spine Dysfunction?

4 Lessons - 60 minutes

Latest chiropractic subluxation research and the consequences of spinal injury and how this affects the brain and spinal function.

Clinical Science Level 1

Cost-effectiveness of Chiropractic & Chiropractic and the Cerebellum

5 Lessons - 60 minutes

The cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care and the research that has looked at the effects of chiropractic care on cerebellum brain processing.

Safety of Chiropractic, the Chiropractic-Stroke link and Opioid Crisis

5 Lessons - 57 minutes

The latest basic science research that has been done over the last twenty years that has looked at what a vertebral subluxation is. 

Clinical Science Level 2

Somatovisceral Dysfunction & Heart Rate Variability

4 lessons - 50 minutes

The effects of chiropractic on somatovisceral dysfunction to date and what we know about heart rate variability and chiropractic. 

Maintenance, Care Plans & Subluxation Indicators

6 lessons - 64 minutes

What does the research tell us about scheduling care plans, maintenance care, and the reliability of methods for detecting vertebral subluxations? 

Evidence Based Practice, Pain and Headaches

8 lessons - 1 hour 50 minutes

Evidence based chiropractic and clinical guidelines and chiropractic care for people with low back and neck pain, and headaches.

Chiropractic Care for Older Adults and Hypertension

5 Lessons - 53 minutes

The benefits of chiropractic care for older adults and whether chiropractic care helps in the management of hypertension.

Chiropractic, Injury Prevention and Sports Performance

5 Lessons - 64 minutes

The research on chiropractic care on sports performance. What we know about chiropractic and injury prevention in sports people.