Learn The Science of Chiropractic

Why learn The science?

By doing so you will be confident to explain to, and educate your patients about the proven benefits of chiropractic care – based on science.

I became aware of your ChirosAcademy yesterday. What a gift for our profession. It is absolutely fantastic! I already took the first module yesterday night. Just magnificent, well written, well presented, score 12/10… Congratulations. Your work is extraordinary, your energy and attitude absolutely remarkable.

Dr André-Marie Gonthier


Evidence-based content

Classes for all levels

Broad Course selection

Learning that matches your skills

Created by 6 Ph.D. academics

All material based on science

Learn at your own pace

Expand your knowledge

Basic Science

Information about mechanisms. About what things are, and how things work relevant to chiropractic care. e.g. what a subluxation is from a neuroscience perspective.

Level 1 – 9 classes

  • BS1.01 The Many Models of the Chiropractic Subluxation
  • BS1.02 The Brain Model of the Chiropractic Subluxation
  • BS1.03 Your first visit to a Chiropractor
  • BS1.04 Your first adjustment
  • BS1.07 Spinal Function affects Brain Function
  • BS1.08 Adjustments Improve Strength
  • BS1.09 The Prefrontal Cortex and Cerebellum
  • BS1.10 How to Explain Pain
  • BS1.11 Chiropractic and Pain

Level 2 – 12 classes

  • BS2.01 Introduction to the Neuroplasticity Model
  • BS2.02 Two Models of the Vertebral Subluxation
  • BS2.03 The Neurophysiology of the Subluxation
  • BS2.04 Chiropractic Adjustments affect the Prefrontal Cortex
  • BS2.05 The Impact of Stress on the Brain and Health
  • BS2.06 Communicating Chiropractic’s impact on the Brain
  • BS2.07 Pain is created in the Brain
  • BS2.08 Understanding Chronic Pain
  • BS2.09 Connection between Stress, Pain, Sleep and Mental Health
  • BS2.10 The Brain, Pain and the Neuroplastic Effects of Chiropractic Care
  • BS2.11 The Somatosensory Neuroplastic effects of Chiropractic Care
  • BS2.12 The Motor Control effects of Chiropractic Care

Research Methods

What sciences and research are, how it is conducted, why it is done in these ways, and how best this can serve chiropractors, their staff, and their patients in practice.

Level 1 – 7 classes

  • RM1.01 Introduction to Research Methodology
  • RM1.02 Ethics in Research
  • RM1.03 Evidence Based Chiropractic
  • RM1.04 Key Research Terminology
  • RM1.05 Introduction to Different Research Designs
  • RM1.06 Patient Reported Outcome Measures
  • RM1.09 Introduction to Critical Evaluation

Level 2 – 7 classes

  • RM2.01 Science and Research for the Profession
  • RM2.02 A Closer look at Critical Evaluation
  • RM2.03 Writing for Academic Purposes
  • RM2.04 A Closer look at evidence-based Chiropractic
  • RM2.05 Gathering Scientific Evidence for a Report of Findings
  • RM2.06 Observational Study Design
  • RM2.12 How to write a Case Study

Level 3 – 4 classes

  • RM3.09 Working with your Supervisor on your Research Project
  • RM3.10 Writing a Literature Review
  • RM3.11 Writing a Research Proposal
  • RM3.12 Writing and Presenting a Research Project