PH1.02 Epistemology Knowledge and Truth

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the fundamentals of epistemology

Embark on a thought-provoking journey with our one-hour online class, “Epistemology, Knowledge, and Truth.” This illuminating session invites you to dive deep into the exploration of how we come to know and understand the world around us. Unravel the mysteries of epistemology, the study of knowledge, as we dissect the nature, sources, and limits of human understanding.

Delve into the intricate landscape of truth and discover the mechanisms that govern the acquisition of knowledge. Throughout the hour, we’ll navigate through the philosophical terrain, examining the intricate relationship between belief, justification, and truth. This class not only provides an in-depth examination of epistemological concepts but also equips you with the tools to critically assess and refine your understanding.

Join us in this intellectually invigorating hour where you’ll gain insights into some classic philosophers from the past and explore their epistemological views, fostering a newfound appreciation for the complexities inherent in the pursuit of knowledge and truth.

About Instructor

Dr Heidi Haavik

Dr Heidi Haavik, PhD, is the founder of Haavik Research, a chiropractor and a neurophysiologist who has worked in the area of human neurophysiology since the early 2000s. She is a sought-after international speaker about the science of chiropractic care.

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